20kV鎧裝移開式開關設備 KYN28A系列


Brief introduction to the products


Brief introduction to the products


The KYN28A-24kV Sheathed Move-Off Style AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear (hereinafter referred to as Switchgear) is a complete set of power distribution devices for single bus and single sub-bus power system, indoor three-phase 50/60Hz, rated voltage 24kV, which is mainly used for small and medium-sized generators as well as the secondary substation of the mining enterprises for the control protection and testing of the electric circuits. The switchgear has the interlock functions of the “five prevention”, ie to prevent the pushing and pulling of circuit breaker hand cart, to prevent the circuit breaker from error operation, to prevent the operating grounding switch from disconnection, to prevent the operator from error entering the live cabin, to prevent the grounding switch from error connection when it is in live condition. The KYN28A-24kV switching equipment is configged with excellent VS1series infix high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker or solid closed-type circuit breaker. The secondary circuit of the switchgear is configged with reliable protection components. The heat-shrinkable insulating material or epoxy coating is adopted for the bus. The electrode shape is optimized. The cabinets are compact.The combination of layout plans is flexible and convenient.

Standards for Product

GB1984         高壓交流斷路器

GB-3906        3~35kV交流金屬封閉開關設備和控制設備

GB/T11022      高壓開關設備和控制設備標準的共用技術要求

DL/T404        戶內交流高壓開關設備訂貨技術條件

DL/T593        高壓開關設備的共用訂貨技術導則

IEC62271-200    額定電壓1kV以上和52kV及以下交流金屬封閉開關設備和控制設備

GB1984                  High-voltage AC circuit breaker

GB-3906                 3 ~ 35kV AC closed metal switchgear and control equipment

GB/T11022             The technical requirements of the high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standard

DL/T404                 The technical requirements for ordering the indoor AC high-voltage switchgear

DL/T593                 The technical guide for ordering high-voltage switchgear

IEC62271-200         AC closed metal switchgear and control equipment, rated voltage ≥ 1kV or ≤ 52kV

Product Structure


Conditions of Use

※ 環境溫度:最高溫度+40℃,最低溫度-15℃,24h內測得平均值不超過35℃

※ 相對濕度:日相對濕度平均值不大于95%,月相對濕度平均值不大于90%,

※ 水蒸氣壓力:日水蒸氣壓力平均值不大于2.2kPa,月水蒸氣壓力平均值不大于1.8kPa,

※ 海拔高度:1000M及以下

※ 地震烈度:不超過8度

※ 無火災、爆炸危險、嚴重污穢、化學腐蝕及劇烈振動的場所。

※ 特殊使用條件:



Ambient Temperature: Maximum temperature +40℃, Minimum temperature -15℃, average temperature measured within 24 hours ≤ 35℃

Relative Humidity: Average daily relative humidity ≤ 95%, average monthly relative humidity ≤ 90%,

Water Vapor Pressure: Average daily water vapor pressure ≤ 2.2kPa, average monthly water vapor pressure ≤ 1.8kPa,

Height above sea level: ≤ 1000M

Seismic Intensity: ≤ VIII

The site without fire hazard, explosion, severe contamination, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Special Conditions of Use:

When the product is used under the conditions not in accordance with GB/T11022,  negotiations on the special operating conditions could be carried out between the company and the users to reach an agreement. For preventing the gel phenomenon, the solid closed type switch with a heater could be used. When the switch operates under the normal condition, attention should be also paid to the operating heater.

ordering Information









The customer should provide us with the following data concerning the products:

A. The complete primary wiring diagram of the engineering system.

B. The secondary wiring diagrams of the high-voltage cabinets. 

C. The layout of the cabinets (If there is bus bridge, the installation sizes and layout should be provided).

D. The layout of the small bus at the top of the cabinet.

E. The quantity and specifications of the spare parts of the switchgears

F. While ordering the switchgears, the special operating conditions should be provided in written forms.

G. The paint color of the switchgear shell and panel.